VirtualisationVirtualisation lets one server to do the job of multiple computers, by fully utilising and sharing the resources of a single computer.

Traditionally, there has been a one-on-one relationship between a server and its role, with one, separate server being required for each role. In the case of virtualisation, however, physical servers can be reduced in number in favour of virtual servers that do not require as much physical hardware.

We offer a fully consultative approach to virtualisation implementation and will assign experienced IT special project managers for complete implementation. We follow industry best practice at all stages and will perform a full analysis of your present IT systems, before suggesting a turnkey solution. You can be confident that our service will be transparent, robust and delivered on time and on budget.

PCTECH's virtualisation services will result in improved resource utilisation as well as reductions in real estate, power and cooling requirements. In addition to energy saving and lower capital expenses due to more efficient use of hardware resources, our virtualisation services provide high availability of resources, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes.