Assisted IT Support & Servicing

IT02PCTECH's assisted IT support is designed around the needs of businesses who have an expert, in-house IT function, but who still require additional expertise on a regular basis.

Here, some clients come to us for specific services such as network management or user support. In this way, PCTECH acts as an additional flexible resource, working in partnership with the manager responsible for IT services, and supplementing the in-house IT support team.

Reliable IT support in times of trouble.

PCTECH has a dedicated team of service technicians and engineers, providing telephone and remote support via our industry acclaimed support tools. This team is augmented by a highly qualified on-site team who visit client sites as scheduled or as need be, depending upon the client's needs.

We always ensure that the client is happy with the quality of the work we perform. We often follow up a few days later to check whether the IT support provided has been seamless.

In the assisted support model clients retain us to augment an in-house IT function. Beyond this, we tailor individual support agreements to suit individual clients and their organisational requirements.

Due to the detailed analysis and reporting PCTECH can provide, clients often require our services to give greater visibility to their own IT function to help them in their financial and strategic decisions.

All PCTECH's technicians and engineers are trained to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of technical understanding. We also help to identify individuals who may need IT-related training, that would improve their individual effectiveness and productivity.

Technical IT outsourcing made easy.

By supplementing your existing IT division or personnel with PCTECH, you will be able to obtain higher efficiency, while enjoying better savings.

  • Filling gaps in in-house skills with fully qualified engineers
  • Reduce IT support costs – optimise IT support performance
  • Faster fixes, smarter support, smoother return to service - and less downtime
  • Complement your existing team without additional investment, headcount or resources
  • Lowering costs of IT services and support than you could resource and deliver in-house
  • Peace of mind in ensuring systems and networks are up-and-running

What we do.

Here are some of our services for assisted IT support and servicing:

  • Advisory services
  • Infrastructure audits and reviews
  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Infrastructure support and maintenance
  • User support and training
  • Security solutions
  • Back-up and business recovery
  • Virtualisation
  • Business intelligence services